Community Engagement

Sustainability is possible only if the whole community is committed to achieving this goal. As environmental awareness and the importance of sustainability continues to grow in the mainstream, more and more opportunities have arisen on campus for staff, students and visitors to get involved.

Integration, communication and engagement are key components of UNSW's Environmental Management Plan.
See the EMP for a status report for 2017.


From major ongoing university-wide campaigns to annual events focused on environmental sustainability issues, here are just a few of the community engagement activities occurring on campus throughout the year:

  • UNSW Grand Challenges is an ongoing series of events that engage experts on campus and around the globe to discuss the sustainability challenges facing our society
  • Global Climate Change Week encourages academic communities in all disciplines and countries to engage with each other, their communities, and policy makers on climate change action and solutions (run annually at UNSW since GCCW’s inception in 2015)
  • O Week Sustainability engagement stall (run annually)
  • Earth Hour events (run annually since 2013)
  • Ride to Work Day (run annually since 2013)
  • International Residential Colleges, Communities and Charities (IRCCC) committee annual Sustainability Pitch Off (run annually since 2013)
  • Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability Green Campus Day under the Green Building Council (run annually since 2014).

Sustainability promotion and communication

The Sustainability office promotes the University's sustainability objectives through:

  • sustainability reporting
  • submitting applications for sustainability awards and rankings
  • newsletters, social media and websites
  • through events and stalls.

Student groups

Everyday sustainable living practices require people to actively get involved to create a culture that accepts sustainability as the norm. At UNSW, we have a vibrant campus that seeks to promote best practices and behaviours.

Our students (often in collaboration with staff) conduct an enormous range of activities that benefit the community throughout the year, these are just a few of the groups and initiatives:

  • Amnesty International UNSW
  • ARC Environmental Collective (student representative council)
  • UNSW Oxfam Club
  • UNSW Bike Club
  • Thoughtful Foods (UNSW’s Organic Food Coop)
  • Stationary Re-use Centre
  • Arc Student Development and Volunteer Programs
  • Engineering World Health
  • Engineers Without Borders
  • International Student Volunteers
  • United Nations Society
  • Vegetarian Society
  • eReuse Centre.