As one of Australia’s leading research and teaching universities, UNSW recognises the vital role the university sector has in driving the change to sustainability as well as the urgency with which this change must take place.

The University’s approach to sustainability is defined by UNSW’s 2025 Strategy and we are excited to provide this update on numerous initiatives that are establishing UNSW as a sustainability leader through excellence in research, outstanding education and our commitment to advancing a just society.

In 2016, we ratified  UNSW's Environmental Management Plan (EMP). By documenting our environmental objectives and targets, the EMP enables us to monitor, report on and be accountable for our sustainability progress and is a platform for us to deliver on the aims of UNSW’s Environmental Policy.

The sustainability report as a website

Please note that this publication is an update and not a complete report for 2017. We are currently reviewing our Environmental Sustainability report for 2018 and look forward to releasing this in the coming months. 

This is our fifth annual Sustainability Report for UNSW and has been published as a website in order to reduce printing and subsequent waste. Print-friendly PDF versions of both the current and previous reports can be downloaded below.






2017 Highlights